Station / Cambridge Bay 1

Station no longer in service

The data collected aims at providing forcing data to thermodynamic snow models and validate meteorological information from climate models in the Arctic. The simulations will then be used to improve our understanding of snow transport/densification et metamorphism in high arctic conditions using satellite remote sensing.

The meteorological station recorded data every 30 minutes with the following instruments from Campbell Scientific:

  • Data logger: CR1000 – Relative humidity: HC2-S3-L
  • Short/longwave radiation (net): Kipp & Zonen CNR4-L
  • Wind speed and direction: RM Young 05103-10 – Soil and snow temperatures: 109AM-L
  • Barometric pressure: RM Young PR
  • Snow depth: Sonic ranger SR50A
  • Radiometric surface temperature: SI-111
  • Originator : Alex Langlois
  • Principal Investigator : Alex Langlois
  • Collaborators: Alain Royer, Don McLennan

30 minutes averages of:

  • Air_Temp_Avg: Air temperature, °C
  • RH_Avg: Relative humidity, %
  • BP_61302V_Avg: Barometric pressure, hPa
  • TargTempC_Avg: radiometric surface temperature, °C
  • Snow_Depth_Avg: Snow depth, m
  • WS_ms_VAvg: Wind speed, m·s-1
  • WindDir_VAvg: Wind direction, °
  • WindDir_VStd: Standard deviation of wind direction, °
  • short_up_Avg: Reflected shortwave radiation, W·m-2
  • short_dn_Avg: Downwelling shortwave radiation, W·m-2
  • long_up_corr_Avg: Emitted longwave radiation, W·m-2
  • long_dn_corr_Avg: Downwelling longwave radiation, W·m-2
  • Temp_M10cm_Avg: Soil temperature 10cm below surface, °C
  • Temp_0cm_Avg: Soil surface (soil/snow interface) temperature, °C
  • Temp_10cm_Avg: Snow temperature +10 cm above surface, °C
  • Temp_20cm_Avg: Snow temperature +20 cm above surface, °C
  • Temp_30cm_Avg: Snow temperature +30 cm above surface, °C
  • Temp_40cm_Avg: Snow temperature +40 cm above surface, °C
  • Temp_50cm_Avg: Snow temperature +50 cm above surface, °C
  • Temp_60cm_Avg: Snow temperature +60 cm above surface, °C

Status of Data

Time Period
Start Year : 2014
Start Month: 10
Start Day : 16

    Langlois, A., Royer, A., Dolant, C. (2015) Meteorological station data in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, unpublished data.