Station / MAP-BJ

The meteorological station with near-real time access recorded data every 30 minutes with the following instruments:

  • Humidity and Temperature probe (HC2-S3-L) : Air temperature (°C) and Relative Humidity (%)
  • Sonic Ranging Sensor (SR50A) : Snow depth (m)
  • Infrared Radiometer (SI-111) : Surface Temperature (°C)
  • Decagon GS3 (2 cm and 10 cm) : Soil water content (m3 m-3), permittivity (70 MHz) and temperature (°C)
  • CS725: Snow Water Equivalent (mm) every 6 hours

Transmission data using Iridium Modem: Data transmission once a week (Monday morning)

In addition, i-button temperature sensor in soil (2 et 10 cm) were deployed on two transects (12th of September 2014):

  • North-South transect south of meteorological station, 7 points on 21.7 km.
  • Est-West transect, 7 points, East of the station on 7.4 km.

Two i-button were also installed on trees :

  • VG1 on a jack pine close to CS725
  • VG2 on a black spruce, poorly-drained area

The i-button data were downloaded June 22th and new i-button were put in soil at 0 cm (under the lichen) and at 5 cm to better catch the freeze/thaw signal.

The data collected aims at calibrating and validating snow water equivalent detection algorithms and land surface freezing / thawing processes with passive microwave satellites. These algorithms will then be used to better understand the processes linking the snow and water resources and the carbon flux in boreal forests.

La station météorologique possédant un accès en temps quasi-réel (hebdomadaire) mesure aux 30 minutes la température de l’aire, l’humidité de l’aire, la hauteur de neige, la température de surface, la température et la permittivité (humidité) du sol ainsi que l’équivalent en eau de la neige (au 6 heures). De plus, deux transects de capteurs de température (i-button) ont été déployés. Deux i-buttons ont aussi été installés sur des arbres. Les données sont récoltées une fois par années (première récolte : 22 juin 2015).

  • Originator : Alexandre Roy
  • Principal Investigator : Alain Royer
  • Collaborator : Alexandre Langlois
  • Collaborator : Patrick Cliche
Status of Data
In progress

Maintenance and update frequency
Updates every week. (i-button once a year in summer)

Time Period
Start Year : 2014
Start Month: 09
Start Day : 12

    Roy, A., Royer, A., Langlois, A., Cliche, P., Busseau, B.-C., Marchand, N., Larue, F. (2015) Meteorological stations and soil temperature sensors network in Bay-James (LG3) for soil and snow monitoring, unpublished data.